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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I wrapped up production on the beta version of Mothership. Got the print run done and delivered and they look gorgeous. We’re selling them for $10 at Origins this week (we got 100 printed) and then after that we’re going to work on a PDF solution (and maybe some shipping as well). Obviously, I’d like to get the game into a lot of people’s hands, less from a financial perspective and more from a playtesting perspective. Here’s a quick preview of what’s in it:

The book clocks in at 44 pages, black and white, zine-sized (5.5x8.5”) and it’s got everything you need to play - character creation, ship creation, combat rules, hiring mercenaries, the whole nine. I’m pretty proud of the work we did on this and I’m excited to keep moving on it.

Additionally, we’re releasing four monsters on postcards, one per day of the week, we brought a hundred per day, first come, first serve. They’ve got art on the front and then rules and an encounter table on the back. I think we’re gonna do more stuff like this (postcards, trading cards, etc.) for the monsters in the future. I miss that aspect of GMing.

Void Eater, Titan Crawler, Dorians, and Brain CapesVoid Eater, Titan Crawler, Dorians, and Brain Capes

If you’ll be at Origins, stop by and say hi at booth 645 (Tuesday Knight Games).

Oh also, I got to run Mothership for my friends on the Board With Life podcast and you can listen to the session here. We had a lot of fun and part two should be coming out in a week or so. We also just got the Mothership portion of our website up and running and you can check that out here. It’s got downloads for character sheets and all that and it’s probably where we’ll release the PDF first when the time comes.

That’s Not Lemonade!

I haven’t talked much about boardgaming on here in awhile - but today we launched the Kickstarter for That’s Not Lemonade! (formerly U MAD BRO). This game is really interesting. It’s basically an even simpler version of Black Jack. We found it, when it was called U MAD BRO, because a friend of ours, Matt Fantastic, was showing it off at like one in the morning at BGGCon a couple years ago. We sat down to play and didn’t leave until like six in the morning.

The basic premise of the game is you and your neighborhood pals are having a lemonade drinking contest, but rascally little Johnny got into the mix and now some of what you’re drinking isn’t lemonade anymore. On your turn you either hit or you pass. If you hit you get a card, if you pass you don’t. If you get an Ice or Lemonade card you’re still in, if you get a That’s Not Lemonade! card you’re out. The round ends when everyone passes (or everyone is out). Ice cards are junk and serve as tiebreakers.

Whoever has the most lemons (there are Double Lemonade cards that give you two) wins the round and keeps a Lemonade card as a point. There are only 18 cards though, so the odds are constantly changing. It’s super simple to play, which is why you can keep doing it hour after hour, but the decision making is really hard, because its just on the edge of most people’s card counting abilities. There are:

So in a six player game, right off the bat, turn one, you have a ~23% chance that the card you draw isn’t going to be a That’s Not Lemonade card. So you want to draw. However, if you pass, five people now have a chance to get knocked out before its your turn again, which is safer. But if all those people hit and none of them get knocked out, you now have a 30% chance that you’ll bust. Next round 40%.

It sounds mathy when I break it down, but at the table you feel the pressure and the decision making is both intuitive and challenging. Kelsey Cretcher did the art and did an amazing job. I’ve played this game with drunk people, four year olds, and hardcore game designers and had a great time. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, you should check it out. It’s only $10.

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