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What is Nilvein?

Nilvein is my main Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Like all good campaigns, its house-ruled all to hell from the ground up, starting with the Original 1974 Little Brown Books and then taking rules, interpretations, and procedures from every edition moving forward, and then liberally sprinkled with house rules and advice from the bloggers in the OSR scene.

Primarily, play takes place inside a Megadungeon called Nilvein (or DEMON CASTLE NILVEIN when I wish my campaign was a japanese import cartridge). It’s equal parts Gormenghast, Dying Earth, and Castlevania.

Someday, I’d like to make this campaign an open-table game, but until I’ve got the time and resources, this is just where I’ll store and collect my campaign’s house rules for new players and anyone else interested.

You can use the tags at the top of this post to navigate to all the entries about Nilvein. Some of them will be blog posts, others will just be wiki entries that won’t show up in the normal blog roll, not being meaty enough for a post themselves, but I need them just for reference.

The upper floors of Nilvein seen from the road.The upper floors of Nilvein seen from the road.

If you want to read more about where I’m getting a lot of inspiration for this campaign, feel free to check out:

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