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Hex map encounter levels

Maybe there’s something to having a base encounter HD for certain hex areas.

1/3/5/7 seems about right. And we can use this similar level chain to say: minion/elite/boss/megaboss.

So in hex 1 areas an elite would be 3 HD and. Boss would be 5. In hex area 5 a a minion would be 5 Hd and an elite would be 7 and a boss would be higher, a 9. I should look at the spread of HD in odnd and BX and maybe it’s just a multiple +3/x3.

But this gives us an easy way to cap areas if we know what the base encounter is going to be. It’s a good way to quickly telegraph the danger of an area if you’re in the lowlands and see a roving band of goblins led by a bugbear or whatever and then a few hexes over you find a band of bugbears led by an ogre.

Published on October 29, 2023.

Tagged: dnd   hexcrawling