The Hall of Sweet Mourning

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The Hall of Sweet Mourning is a One Page-ish Dungeon. Download it here. Here’s the breakdown:


Millenia ago the Fourth Weeping Demon finally succumbed to its eternal sadness, shriveled up and died. Its bones became a temple where the Cult of Sweet Mourning worships. The temple itself is a beacon of desperation and draws the depressed and hopeless to its doorstep unceasingly.

Rumor Table

  1. A powerful desperate spider lives here feeding off our collected sadness.”
  2. The Sweet Mourners never fear any man.”
  3. The naked statue looks cold and worn, if only someone would clothe him.”
  4. Those who pass through beyond the chapel come back changed.”
  5. The Church of Sweet Mourning just feeds off the depressed and afraid, they keep treasure for themselves in a hidden vault somewhere here, I know it!”
  6. I feel better whenever I give to the fountain, that’s why I must journey here once a week.”
  7. Someone is trapped inside the walls here, forever wandering. They haunt the dreams of those who sleep here.”
  8. I once saw the Crying Voice of Many Eyes wash away a pack of wild boars with only the tears from their enlightened sadness.”
  9. Those from the church pray to lonely dead people. I wouldn’t touch any of them in that creepy crypt.”
  10. A shadow creature stalks these hallways at night, consuming all who are happy.”
  11. They’ve hidden treasure in the chapel and they take it out at night and look at it. Those cheap bastards.”
  12. The king’s nephew sometimes comes here to pray. They say he is mourning the loss of his sister. Or was it his lover?”

The Hall of Sweet Mourning

Map of the Hall of Sweet MourningMap of the Hall of Sweet Mourning

1d6 Random Encounter
1 Sounds of an agonizing cry echo off the walls
2 Wandering beggar
3 1d4 cultists in prayer
4 A grief stricken mother looking for her dead child
5 The masked servant from room 3
6 The walls weep

1. Narthex and Offertory to the Fount of all Tears

HD 1-1, AC Unarmored. Whispered voice.

They have come from all over to allay their fears at the fountain. One of them is a powerful noble who has given up their life or privilege and happiness to find the greater truths of life. Roll on the rumor table. The noble has an adventure hook, but no meaningful possessions.

2. Chapel of Sorrowful Song

HD1, AC as leather. Atk daggers, clubs, and fists. Morale 4. Performatively sad voice.

They are consumed in their grief and if attacked yell out pitiful nothings about the inherent nihilism of all things during combat. If morale breaks they begin crying and begging for you to finish this sad facade of life. (d4 gold pieces on each of them. Many super emo diaries.) They will not let PCs enter room 9.

The Crying Voice of Many Eyes
HD1+1, AC as chain. Atk scepter. Morale 8. Charismatic voice.

Spells: Miranda’s Tearful indignation, Flood of Tears.
Leads the congregation in song and then preaches a sorrowful confession. Laughter or smiling will send them into a flying rage and will command the congregation to attack. Carries the key to room 9.

The Crying Voice of Many EyesThe Crying Voice of Many Eyes

3. Dressing Chambers

Masked Servant
HD1-1, AC Unarmored. Atk Bitter Bite (save vs poison or fevered chills for 1d6 turns). Cup your hand over your mouth when you talk in their voice.

The masked servant is an acolyte in the cult and cleans up in a delirious state, believing this to be their worthwhile station in life. Needs to be loved.

Masked ServantMasked Servant

4. Baptismal Pool of Tears

5. Vault of Good Memories

6. Crypt of the Lonely Ones

Monster of All Destruction
HD4, AC as Unarmored (unless equipped, then AC as plate). Atk +2 fists. Morale 12. Growling voice.

The Monster of All Destruction cannot live in this world and must destroy all things or himself be destroyed. He will scream about the uselessness of the PCs actions through all combat.

Giver of All Hope
HD5, AC as chain. Atk +2 fists. Morale 12. Bright, cheery voice.

The giver of all hope has come through to the other side and will grant the PCs one wish in exchange that they go on an adventure that will bring hope and happiness to suffering people.

Cursed Items in the Crypt

7. Silent Hall

Lost One
HD1+1, AC as leather. Atk +1 rock. Morale 3. Chittering voice.

The Lost One is insane and would much rather escape than fight the PCs. Gibbers a random rumor from the rumor table.

8. The Downward Spiral

Eater of All Good Things
HD5, AC as leather. Atk legs (see below). Morale 12. shshshshshhshhh” sounds.

The Eater of All Good Things is a giant spider-creature with dozens of legs who hates all people and feeds off their loneliness. Roll randomly to see what leg the creature attacks with. The Eater’s poison sacs (of which there are 3) are worth 200GP to thieves and its fangs can be made into daggers which are worth 100GP to thieves. 20% chance its eyes can be recovered, worth 500GP to MUs.

d12 Attack
2 As club
4-5 Trips PC on a hit
6-7 As sword
8-9 Poison bite
10 PC saves vs. Paralysis or Eater begins to eat them. Auto attack every round thereafter
11 Spell-drain
12 Enthrall

9. Whispering Hallway of Doubt

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