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November - 2023

High Level Shortcuts
Prep isn’t play
Megadungeons are Anti-Product
Dragons are the Encounter

October - 2023

Hex map encounter levels
My favorite problems
Luke Gearing on Into the Megadungeon

October - 2022

Thinking about Safety Tools in RPGs

June - 2022

Getting Rid of Dogfights
The First Line of Every Edition of Dungeons & Dragons
James Maliszewski: The Tékumel Interview

May - 2022

What I’m Working On

May - 2021

Violent Encounters

August - 2020

Leveling Down
Heating Up

July - 2020

Gradient Descent Dive 07: Anatomy of Bad Session

June - 2020

Learning to Crawl

May - 2020

Gradient Descent Dive 06: Session Report [Mothership]
Gradient Descent Dive 05: Session Report [Mothership]
Gradient Descent Dive 04: Session Report [Mothership]

April - 2020

Gradient Descent Dive 03: Session Report [Mothership]
Gradient Descent Dive 02: Session Report [Mothership]

March - 2020

Gradient Descent Dive 01: Session Report [Mothership]

December - 2019

Mawbreakers, Resource Management, and Combat Centric Gaming

October - 2019

A Crash Course on Marketing Your Indie RPG

August - 2019

Getting Better At RPG Twitter
Where Do We Go From Here?

July - 2019

Mothership, the ENnies, and A Pound of Flesh

March - 2019

Eleven Questions about Layout in RPGs

February - 2019

Mawbreakers: A Weird WW2 Para-shooter RPG

January - 2019

Building Custom Backgrounds for Mothership
My First Shootout
Stop Worrying About Layout Software
Painless Character Creation for a Painful Game
Why Setting High Stakes Matters

December - 2018

How to Create a Criminal
Rey Burtnolds Debriefing Communicades: Session Archive [Mothership]
A Small Rant about Investigation in RPGs
Better Crits for Mothership
Carousing & Stress in Mothership

November - 2018

Critical Hit Tables for Mothership

October - 2018

The End of G+ and an OSR Guide For The Perplexed

August - 2018

Divine Right: Minaria as a D&D Setting
Yanovich’s Inauguration: Session Report [Insurgency]
Prisoners of Hecate Balaam: Session Report [Mothership]
Notes from Gen Con 2018

July - 2018

How We Designed Dead Planet
Screaming on the Alexis: Session Report [Mothership]

June - 2018

Mothership PDF Now On DriveThruRPG
Fire in Hyperspace: Session Report [Mothership]

May - 2018

Escape from Banquo IV: Session Report [Mothership]
Build a Dungeon, Level Up
Crash Landing on Banquo IV: Session Report [Mothership]

April - 2018

Can We Make This an Image? Designing Better Tables
The Connecticut Job: Session Report [Heist]
Mothership: Ship Creation Sheet

March - 2018

Lessons I Learned Designing the Mothership Character Sheet
The Golden Barge: Session Report [LotFP]
Brendan’s Twenty Rules Questions
The Hall of Sweet Mourning
Designing Heartbreaker, My Tactical Card Game

February - 2018

Urban Geomorphs for Cyberpunk Games
Equipment As Prestige Classes
Designing a Character Sheet for Castlevania
Node Based Dungeon Design in Fighting Fantasy
Simple Poison Rules for Old School Games
My House Rules for Weapons in OD&D
From Fighting Fantasy to Troika!

January - 2018

I’ve Got Some Art in Megadungeon Issue 2
Heist: A Smash & Grab RPG

December - 2017

Isaac’s Basement
Battletech: HPS-222 HOPSCOTCH
Battletech: FAL-5A FALSTAFF
What Do The Monsters Want?
d20 Quick Cleric Religions
Running a Siege Against the Keep on the Borderlands
Building Better Magical Components
My Infatuation with 2D Maps
What Are the Guards Doing?

November - 2017

How to Make Treasure Interesting

September - 2017

B/X/R/X: Ape, White
B/X/R/X: Acolyte
B/X/R/X: Remixing the Best Monster Manual

August - 2017

The First Time We Played Mothership
Mistakes We Made at Gen Con 50

July - 2017

My ENnies 2018 Judge Application

June - 2017

Top 20 Twitter Bots for D&D
Survive, Solve, or Save: Pick Two

May - 2017

Removing Agency in Horror Games

April - 2017

A Primer on Publishing Boardgames

March - 2017

Why Buc-ee’s Made Their Bathrooms Their Core Business Offering

February - 2017

Why We Tolerate Failure