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New clerics in my games roll on the following table and develop the religion as they see fit. Notes on their religion are passed down to future players. For instance, Clerics of the Fellowship of the Final Death refuse to resurrect or be resurrected, or even have potions poured down their throat once they have reached 0 hit points. We know this, because it happened.

  1. Order of the Fallen Star
  2. Brotherhood of the Last Flame
  3. Sisters of the First Dawn
  4. Communion of the Bloody Saint
  5. Children of the Crimson Sun
  6. Oracles of the Divine Sword
  7. Church of the Twisted Path
  8. Temple of the Forgotten Eye
  9. Seekers of the False God
  10. Wanderers in the Infinite Plain
  11. Cult of the Dark Messiah
  12. Martyrs of the Black Tongue
  13. Followers of the Golden Moon
  14. Circle of the Hidden Name
  15. Prophets of the Conquering Flood
  16. Crusaders of the Immortal Ghost
  17. Knights of the Veiled King
  18. Fellowship of the Final Death
  19. Coven of the Exalted Throne
  20. Court of the Reborn Prophet

Turn any of these highfalutin religious orders into shadow cabals by removing the first part. Martyrs of the Black Tongue become The Black Tongue. Cult created.

Additionally, you can google the Lesser Key of Solomon to get a weird image of a god for your Clerics to worship, if you’re short on time for describing a strange yet ancient thing. Here’s 18 of them.

The Lesser Key of Solomon - I can’t figure out who the illustrator isThe Lesser Key of Solomon - I can’t figure out who the illustrator is

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