Building Custom Backgrounds for Mothership

January 27, 2019 horror mothership scifi rpgs tables 5e

Saker Tarsos is crowd-sourcing some background skill packages for their amazing Mothership Character Generator. I absolutely love this.

One of the things I like about skill-based systems is that you can create your own class or background by combining different skill packages. If we were to add backgrounds to Mothership, that’s how I’d do it, so I was happy to see Saker take the initiative and do it themselves.

Since they’re asking for more options to include in the generator, I went ahead and took the backgrounds from D&D 5e as a baseline, renamed them, and then picked some skills that I thought would be appropriate.

I gave them all roughly 4-5 skill points and then massaged things to where I thought they’d be interesting, and then invented some skills where necessary.

5e Mothership Skills
Acolyte Mendicant Theology, Mysticism, Scavenging
Charlatan Pretender Scavenging, Linguistics, Psychology, Art
Criminal Fugitive Rimwise, Firearms, Scavenging, Zero-G
Entertainer Celebrity Art, Master in field: Acting, Music, Slickscreen, etc.
Folk Hero Ace Pilot Piloting, Vehicle Specialization, Zero-G, Athletics
Gladiator Cage Fighter Athletics, Close-Quarters Combat, Weapon Specialization
Guild Artisan Unionist Zero-G, Asteroid Mining, Geology, Heavy Machinery
Knight Lancer Military Training, Gunnery, Piloting, Zero-G
Noble Decadent Art, Command
Outlander Offworlder Rimwise, Zero-G, Asteroid Mining, Jury Rigging
Pirate Raider Rimwise, Piloting, Gunnery, Scavenging
Sage Savant Choose two Master Skills. Other skills cost twice as much.
Sailor Hypernaut Zero-G, Piloting, Hyperspace
Soldier Guerilla Military Training, Firearms, Tactics
Spy Spook Rimwise, Linguistics, Military Training, Tactics
Urchin Void Orphan Scavenging, Jury Rigging, Athletics, First Aid

If you’re interested in helping out, snag your favorite set of backgrounds, rename them for sci-fi and send them over to Saker.

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