Divine Right: Minaria as a D&D Setting

August 31, 2018 dnd rpgs nilvein hexcrawl maps

Minaria, as far as I’m concerned the best hexmap every made.Minaria, as far as I’m concerned the best hexmap every made.

So, I’m starting to put together a new D&D campaign for my niece and nephew to play in and I want to do it up with Megadungeons and Hexcrawling. I didn’t want to waste a lot of time with place-names and mapping, so I’ve taken the best fantasy map in existence and just written everything down on the map so I can start populating it. But here’s all of that for you. You can just write a sentence for everything and I think you’re pretty ready to go.

In Divine Right the game this map comes from, the numbers on the towns is supposed to mean something, and for me, I think I’m just going to double the number and make that the level of the ruler. So Elfland’s capital is Ider Bolis and it’s ruled by a Level 10 Elf. The most powerful Wizard in the land rules over the Shards of Lor inside the Tower of Zards. They’re a level 12 Wizard. Just like that basically.

The numbers only go up to six, so if you want to do a thing where the PCs are trying to find something in their region, you can roll a 1d6 and put that thing in the city. You can use the number to compare the various strength of regions in a war, go nuts.

For me, some of these named places with black icons are going to be cities, but most of them are going to be ruins and dungeons. That’s roughly 60 or so dungeons, ruins, cities, and towns, etc. which seems like way more than enough for basically forever. There’s also those little pile of bones icons that there are like five or six of, which I’m not sure what I’ll do with yet. But yeah — here are the names! Just copy them into your campaign notebook, write up an encounter table for each region, and then start slotting in your favorite adventures (Death Frost Doom can go at Split Rock Pass in Pon, Winter Rest in Zorn can by your Keep on the Borderlands with the Caves of Chaos going where the Cursed Forest is, etc.)











High Marches

Shards of Lor

Barriorr Mountains

Wild Reaches

Eastern Waste

Western Waste

Blasted Heath

The Withering

Waste of Vah-Ka-Ka

The Banished Lands

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